Zeligen - PRE-ORDER Howard
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I decided to start pre-order for Howard.
Payment by installments (Layaway):
You have the possibility of settling your order in 2 or 3 steps, 50/50 OR 30/30/40: contact me ZELIGEN.ME@GMAIL.COM

250$ - any color, +30$ - glowing resin, +30$ - shipping
The sale include :
• A doll Howard completes any color of the color map 'pic' (without makeup).*
• Eyes of 22-23 mm ( random color).
• A certificate of authenticity.
• A box with pillows of protection.

SHIPPING : before December, 25 or after January, 10.
CASTING TIME: about 4 month.
* If you need makeup write me.

Info for customers.
Please, copy, fill this form and send it to me: ZELIGEN.ME@GMAIL.COM

- Full name:
- Address (zip code too):
- Nickname in social media (write the name of the social media too or link. For tagging you on NEWS posts of processes):
- E-mail:
- Color (number):
- Makeup: Yes/No

- Payment: layaway or full (PayPal: ZELIGEN7@GMAIL.COM)


Pre-order for Howard will end on the 15th of September. Cos layaway is available,  the first part of the payment should be paid till the 15th of September, other parts can be paid till end casting time but before shipping. The first part of payment is non-refundable cos it's the price of casting service work (not my work). 

Thank you!