Zeligen - My BJD experience
#How to

After solving my first bjd making experience problems I decided to write a big post.
Why? Now I'm working on a very huge bjd project which will help people to find useful info about doll making process, so I don't have time to answer on every comment. I would be glad if you understand me and be happy for my progress.

So. You saw my first BJD Demon. She was the first doll which I've casted in resin (not me, but my good friend's casting service), to try this material by my own. 

It was very difficult to find good 3D printing service in my city, cos it's an awful little city. I also didn't want any problems with sending my model to very far nonrussian services. But I've found a little service with good 3D printer. Soon I've found in Moscow cool person, who was ready to make 1 copy of my first doll. Why him? Cos he makes resin copies for several famous Russian bjd authours. Cos he uses another resin type, which color, especially tan(chocolate) can be sanded without bad cases as Fairyland's tan dolls. Cos he could hide all metallic parts of the doll and this work is really cool. Unfortunately I've been waiting my demon more than one year, it's sad but it was because it was his first experimental with dark color. But he casted my doll the best. 

I've been waiting for fish long too, cos, if you understand, casting service needs huge quantity of resin and organosilicon polymers. But you see, that Russia is not very good country and it's difficult to get something fast from other countries. Our customhouse works awful, our government makes stupid laws. So we spent a lot of time waiting for materials. At the same time I wasn't the one who was waiting dolls' copies so long. There were several other artists too.

I've also made another mistake cos of changing home-place - I've started printing and sending all my 3D master models, which were ready. I wasn't sure if I could make this work in my new home and when exactly.

When I've done my ocean monsters I've found out that the government in Kaliningrad made everything for taking away all licenses from fast delivery companies to ship big boxes to other countries, only letters. So only Russian Post can do this here. You must know that it's normal for our simple post to steal things from packages! And I've found out that I must to form a lot of documents to show that my doll isn't a Russian cultural heritage. I'm not a big company and I don't have a lot of money and time to go to notariates and maybe not to get all documents.
Fortunately I've found EMS office. But there was one strange thing. EMS here is the same Russian Post, but if you use it in Russia. My friend helped me and found out that this service works good in other countries. So, I've solved this problem too! I've made assurance document and my evil fish went to its patient owner.

Of course I've made a little present for trusting and waiting for my monster so long. Thank you Nadine :)
I'm very glad to have husband and friends who encouraged me when I was nervous.

I'm very happy to find out and solve this problems now and I know what to do for casting and shipping faster.

You saw, that recently I've taken part in cool exhibition, which makes me to renew my site, shop and etc. Dolly Festival-you're cool!
That's why just now I'm making a huge forum base site about BJD making.

Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day!