Zeligen - BJD Queen of Pain
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My new BJD Queen of Pain!


I'm glad to show you my new (second) ball jointed doll. 

After I've mad Turi, I thought that it's time to make double joints which are more difficult. I wanted to make a doll which can attitudinize more beautiful poses, cos such action figure is more interesting to take pictures of this one. That's why I've learned a lot of information, looked spaceless photos of dolls' joints constructions, watched hours of videos with ball jointed dolls. Sometimes I was afraid about my printed doll, I thought: "Ok, but double joints are more difficult, what if my doll couldn't stand itself?". 

And. I sculpted a pretty girl's body and started to cut her before making joints. But My new idea was to make sexy buns. Unfortunately, for my liking, it's difficult to make all together wonderful and movable bum. I looked through thousands photos of action and ball jointed doll again, and at last find the solution. At first sight such joint type doesn't look aesthetic, but in reality it's so cool! I got awesome butt and cool articulation. 

In my last article I've told that it was too difficult to find a person who could print such multiplex model. Thankfully I've found one! So he printed me this model too. 

Printer which was used: Prusa i3;

Plastic: ABS (blue);

Smoothing printer's relief: acetone's steam.

The model is so precious that I don't need to take a cast of her for future casting.

And what about make up and cloth?

For dolls' make up I always use only acrylic pain cos it's safe for all types of plastic and you always can repaint your doll. But before painting you should cover the model by acrylic varnish (matt) for better contact paint with plastic (cos plastic itself has glazed surface) and cover painted details by the same varnish to save the coloring. On lips I've used sleek acrylic varnish for shiny effect. What about eyes, I used cool crystals with two colors. TOHO BEADS Charlotte 2, 15/0, #558 for accessories. Natural leather - for cloth. Yak's fur - wig. I also made wings with neodymium magnets. 

Ah, I loved all the process! In 10 days I'm going to start printing new action girl and... She will be cool too! 

Keep track of my doll making because I want so much to make pre-order of my next doll to other people. In such way, if you like this one and would like to get one of my dolls, please, write to me: zeligenm@gmail.com

See you!